It appears that there are two types of people, ‘Cause’ people who make things happen, and ‘Effect’ people who are victims of circumstance. Effect people are always bemoaning their bad luck and say things like…

  • I have a problem
  • I was late because there was too much traffic
  • It’s not my fault
  • She messed things up
  • He hurt me

Be honest…what are you moaning about in your life right now?

There was a time in my life when it seemed that everything I turned my attention to, took one look at me and ran in the opposite direction! An important presentation didn’t go as well as I’d envisioned. A sure-fire client never materialized. Carefully planned and orchestrated events took a nose-dive in the wrong direction. Equipment failed to turn up. It was easy to blame others, it always is, and admittedly, that can feel good for a short period of time. But the fact is, when you blame others you’re still stuck!

Shifting my attitude to a place of acting as if ‘I am the cause for all the effects in my life’ I began asking myself questions to shift my stuck state. Rather than the ‘why is this happening to me?’ type of questions which can lead you deeper down the victim road, I started asking ‘how have I created this situation’ and ‘what thoughts have I been thinking to have created this situation?’

You are a magnificent creator and have been gifted with the power to think, and it is what and how you think that can help you or hinder your success.

It’s estimated that the average person has around 60,000 thoughts each day and most of those thoughts are the same ones. So, if you’re thinking is predominantly positive and focused on creating a successful outcome then all good and well. However, most people are ‘messy thinkers!’ For example, when something or someone annoys or irritates you, chances are you run that situation over and over again. It’s a little like going to see a movie that does not live up to your expectations and going to see it again and again.

So I’m going to make a bold statement:

Ultimately, you are the creator of your universe! Mental power is creative power. With your thoughts you can create negative conditions just as readily as you can create favorable conditions. Every thought is a Cause and every condition or experience you meet in life is an Effect. It is essential, if you want to activate your potential that you begin right now to control your thoughts and bring into manifestation what you desire. Your thoughts are dynamic energy. And if that is so, then active thought is active energy, concentrated thought is concentrated energy.

You are the Cause for all the Effects in your life!

Of course, when your life is good it is easy to accept and acknowledge being the cause for what you are experiencing in your life. The challenge arrives when your outer world is not so rosy! However, if you examine your past thoughts, you’ll be able to recognize where you slipped up and were messy in your thinking.

Now you may be a little skeptical and I suspect you may be saying something along the lines of “I am being positive and maintaining positive thoughts but nothing is changing.” Just for a moment consider that if you cut the roots off a plant, from the surface it will appear that it is still alive for quite some time, before it finally wilts and dies. And so it is with your thoughts…we live in a reality where there is a time delay between having a thought and it materializing in our outer world. Be patient…and consistent. Five minutes of positive thoughts a day is not going to make any difference if you are moaning, groaning and grumbling the rest of the day.

What I can tell you is that when I shift my thinking and take full responsibility for what’s going on in my life, I’m empowered; I have more control and more choice to do something about it! After all, if it’s not your fault, how can you do anything about it?

This is your chance to BE in a position of power. When you operate from the assumption that you create everything in your life, accepting that you do puts you in a position of power over everything. After all, if you created it then you can change it. If somebody or something else created it you are powerless to change it.

Are you giving away your power to create the life you want by being at the effect of the economy, the environment, the government, your clients, your relationship, your age, or the business you are in?

When you shift your attitude and thinking to be on the ‘Cause’ side of the equation it empowers you to act and make changes in your life. Remember, when you’re on the Effect side of the equation, you have no power because you are blaming other people…

Be a person on the Cause side of the equation and on the side of personal power

  • If you’re not in a job you enjoy – how have you created that situation and what can you do to change that?

  • If you’re not happy in your relationship, how did you choose to be in that relationship and what can YOU do to change that?

Questions to ask:

  • How have I created this?

  • What can I do to turn the situation around?

Remember, you are a magnificent creator and it the power to think in the right way that can enhance your success in life.


30th August 2017

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