How we are mind programmed by society, institutions, Big Banks, Big Pharma, etc. and how we can break that programming.

Perhaps you are driving to the office or taking the dog for a walk and out of the blue, a new thought comes into your mind. Whether it’s what to have for dinner, where to go on holiday or a long lost friend, where do those thoughts come from?

Every single second of the day it’s estimated that you receive two million bits of information streaming in to your nervous system through your eyes and ears and through the senses of touch, smell and taste. Your senses take in whatever you experience that you think is outside of you. Your thoughts are directed by what you sense and feel and the energy that gives rise to a certain thought can come from a myriad of different sources – that includes society and the environment around you, advertising, the state of the economy, politics and of course, the latest news stories in the media.  And since the media thrives on negativity, this is what you are feeding your mind. 

If you’re bothered and upset then chances are you are going to be running the same thought pattern again and again so it is worth considering what you’re watching, hearing and reading on a regular basis.  Are you addicted to a particular TV soap or series? Do you watch a particular movie genre?  It’s surprising how quickly the characters show up as a topic of discussion with friends and family.  According to research, the average thought lasts between 6 – 10 seconds so if are you repeatedly feeding your mind with negative images and sounds then you are going to be trapped in a downward spiral.

Actually, a lot of intelligent marketing and branding done today depends on understanding how to influence thoughts through conditioned response. How does conditioned response work? Well, if you use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, the alarm is the trigger and the conditioned response is to get up… or hit the snooze button. If you see a red traffic light, that is the trigger and the conditioned response is to stop. When it comes to marketing and advertising, whether it be the big banks, pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions or the government, you are being bombarded with the same messages repeatedly from these organizations and institutions creating a conditioned response in you. 

The good news is that you do exert some power over your thoughts.  

Your language has a direct connection with your thoughts. Meaning the words that come out of your mouth don’t happen by accident.  They have a direct relationship with the thoughts that are going through your mind at any point in time which is dependent on what you choose to pay attention to. Your thought is actually used to generate the language that comes out of your mouth.  As your actions are all primarily unconscious, it can sometimes be extremely revealing to listen to your language and realize what thoughts you are running on a regular basis. You can then change what information you choose to pay attention to.  

The thoughts you have are a result of what you sense and receive. Your language determines how you structure your reality created by your thoughts.

Indeed, you have the ability and the power to change the language you use every day to label people, events, situations, and circumstances in your life.  As soon as the label changes, your experience and the perception of the person, the event, the situation or the circumstance also changes.

So quite simply, when you change your language, you change your thoughts and vice versa.   What you will discover is that when you change your language, you begin to change your universe.

Carol Talbot ( is an inspiration in the inspiration business.  She is sought-after by organizations and individuals seeking a learning consultant, thought-partner, and keynote speaker ‘with a difference’.  It is her uncanny, compelling ability to bring the edginess of systems such as NLP, and the fiery energy of Fire Walking to resonate with the ‘coal face’ of business and life that truly sets Carol alight, and apart, from others in the arena. Indeed, for more than two decades, she has stepped out to help fire out creativity and greatness within individuals and teams worldwide, by engaging them with her wise words and compelling delivery; one-on-one or to an audience of 1000s, when Carol speaks, people listen. Her next book, YOU the Divine Genius launches globally at the end of January 2017.

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