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It is in our nature to want to explore, evolve, and develop. It’s what we were born to do and this is as true in our working life as it is in our personal life. So, what are the four key stages to personal development at work? I call it the GLAD principle.

G for gratitude
It starts with acknowledging and appreciating what is already in place. This includes gratitude for simply having a job and the income it provides; gratitude for the skills and talents that you have to bring to your role; gratitude for the health you enjoy in order to carry out your role; and gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that come your way. The more you find to be grateful for, the more you will receive for which to be grateful.

L for Learning
The word ‘learning’ includes anything that enables you to grow in your role; this could be a training program that your company pays for, adult classes that you undertake yourself or other part-time study that will widen your skills and knowledge base and enable you to step into a more senior position – or change careers completely.

Learning also includes the observation and assessment of yourself. How do you behave at work? Who do you choose to spend time with? How do you spend your lunch break? What about the language you use in the workplace? Is it upbeat and inspiring or are you always the first to complain about the printer running out of toner or a lack of parking?

Are the small choices you make each day taking you to where you want to go in your career? Are these actions and patterns bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Start being the person you want to become. So if the person you aspire to be is bright-eyed, energetic, buzzing with creativity, earning more money and being offered promotion, make sure how you’re speaking and acting is in line with this ‘new you’.

A for Action
If you want a promotion, to change careers or start your own business, what action is needed? Envisage your ideal workplace, life and salary and formulate a plan to achieve this with the necessary steps. For example, you may need to get a university degree, learn a new piece of software, build a website, take a finance course for entrepreneurs, or get a portfolio done.

D for Dedication (also discipline and determination!)
This means putting your heart and soul into what you do as well as the discipline and determination required to see something through once the initial wave of enthusiasm and motivation has subsided.

Transforming your patterns of behaviour and beliefs can be challenging. Just ask anyone who’s ever started a diet on the first day of the week with rock solid commitment only to be queuing at the ice cream counter by the end of the week. Keeping your vision alive requires being clear with yourself about what you want.

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