Notion Of Oneness Turns Universe Into You-Niverse.


In the UAE’s ‘Year Of Giving’ Dubai-based Author’s New ‘YOU the Divine Genius’ Book Urges Creation Of New Reality. - Bahrain This Week |


By changing our own you-niverse we can help change the course of the greater universe, says Carol Talbot, the Dubai-based best-selling author, NLP Master and sought-after keynote speaker.

In her new book, ‘YOU the Divine Genius’, Carol writes that if we’re each part of a larger whole, then energy is constantly passing between us whether we’re aware of it or not.

She says that when we create a shift in energy, by default others will follow and the mass reaction can mobilise a spiral effect for infinite expansion.

“If we agree that we are a small part of the infinite universe, I believe by stepping into a fuller focus of who we are could mean the difference between stumbling and falling, or taking a joyful dance through life.

“This dance is even more positive when we can shatter negative beliefs about reality and who we truly are, because taking a fresh perspective is known to open doors to new waves of possibilities.”

Carol says that with many of us open to a positive view of reality, we are able to garner a deeper understanding of our collective abilities, potential and power.

Turning to the United Arab Emirates specifically, Carol applauded the latest declaration of 2017 as ‘The Year of Giving’, which has come hard on the heels of ministerial appointments to excel benchmarks in diversity, inclusion, youth, entrepreneurship and happiness.

Carol says the UAE example can be further enhanced if each resident is encouraged to appreciate the divine genius within, which she calls the ‘You-niverse’ in her new book.

“To tap into our full collective power, we must first tap the individual divine genius. To do this we each need to expand our wakefulness, awareness and consciousness accepting that we are pure energy able to change reality for the common good,” she says.


‘YOU the Divine Genius’ by Carol Talbot is available worldwide from January 26, 2017ISBN 9781784520977, US$21.95

30th August 2017

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